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Sexual Harrassment

Agnes Tolmie, Chair of the Scottish Women's Convention has released the following statement around the sexual harrassment claims coming to light around #Metoo.

The recent publicity around the sexual harassment and assault of women within the workplace is welcomed but, unfortunately, not surprising. This is an issue that has too often been neglected and transcends workplace environments at all levels. Women already face numerous barriers to employment without the added ordeal of this issue.

These reports are shining a glimmer of light onto such a pressing problem, but sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg detailing what so many women have been subjected to within what should be a safe space. Vicious inequality within society has prevented a vast number of women from speaking out about their experiences for a number of reasons including fear of being disbelieved or being held back in their careers. In light of the recent media reports, The Scottish Women’s Convention are currently in discussions to bring women together early in the New Year for a conference to discuss these issues.


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