International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day 2021 went digital, with the event moving to an online platform. Whilst we couldn't bring women together in our usual way at the Scottish Parliament, this gave the SWC the opportunity to have more attendees than ever before!

This online interactive event took place on International Women's Day, Monday 8th March 2021, from 6pm – 8pm, chaired by Linda Fabiani MSP, Deputy Presiding Officer.

Attendees heard from a range of contributors and key speakers who discussed their experiences over 2020 and their hopes for what a post-COVID Scotland will look like for women. This was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

To commemorate the tireless and heroic efforts of our key workers, our chosen theme for IWD 2021 was 'Celebrating Women in Scotland', highlighting the amazing work done by women in all walks of life during COVID-19.

Below you will find a summary of each woman nominated to be included in our 'Celebrating Women in Scotland' brochure.


Mary Boyd
Lynn Reilly
Maggie Bell
Angie Connolly Cheney
Clem, Glasgow
Megan Jardine
Elizabeth Cannon
Karen Anderson
Rachael Benson
Jenna Spence
Siobhan McGrath
Christiana Lamin-Sidique
Paula Kydd
Lisa Tominey
Lynn Reilly
Natalie Sinclair
Emma Prach
Victoria Higgins
Gladys Ngwira
Jumana Almusawi
Dorothy McDonald
Julie Fleming & Charlotte Smith
Joan Walsh
Pat McGuiness
Kathryn Borland
Anne Glass
Dorothy McDonald
Khadija Coll
Lynn McCraw
Joyce Bell
Isi Elaho
Rose Sehakizinka
Michelle Clark
Rozlyn Cardno
Donna Nicol & Janet Weir
Donna Nicol & Janet Weir
Heather Gilfillan
Louise McFlynn
Lynne Beaton
Dr Alyson Walker
Karen Kerr
Pat Mair
Joanna Wentritt
Kirsty Solman
Heather Kay
Pauline Scott
Sandra Scott
Liz Marr
Lizzy Barbour
Donna Guthrie
Donna Adams
Suzanne Conlin
Jan McLeod
Sister Gail Dolan
Dr Carol Lang
Binta Ditchburn & Anne Phee
Lynn Foreman
Savannah McCrum
Vi Fullerton
Joan Brockie
Asma Abdalla
Ania Bialas-Krug