Scotland 2023

The SWC consults with women throughout Scotland around the issues that matter the most to them. Discussions have taken place with women from a variety of different backgrounds and of all ages.

The SWC uses the voices of these women to respond to Scottish and UK Government consultations.

Consultations, Enquiries and Calls for Evidence are one of the key ways in which the SWC communicates its wealth of evidence directly to policy makers. For this reason, our consultation development is at the heart of what we do, as it's the main way we see women's lived experiences being utilised to create positive change.

The Scottish Government - Feminist Approach to Foreign Policy, January 2023

The Scottish Parliament - Disabled Employment Gap Inquiry, February 2023

The Scottish Parliament - Inquiry into Public Administration, February 2023

The Scottish Government - Quality Standards for Adult Secondary Mental Health Services, March 2023

The Scottish Parliament - Addressing Child Poverty Through Parental Employment, April 2023

The Scottish Government - Community Wealth Building, May 2023

The Scottish Government - Draft Energy Strategy, May 2023

The Scottish Government - Reforming the Criminal Law to Address Misogyny, June 2023

The Scottish Government - Local Living & 20 Minute Neighbourhoods: Draft Planning Guidance, July 2023

The Scottish Parliament - Victims, Witnesses and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill, September 2023