Scotland 2020

The SWC consults with women throughout Scotland around the issues that matter the most to them. Discussions have taken place with women from a variety of different backgrounds and of all ages.

The SWC uses the voices of these women to respond to Scottish and UK Government consultations.

Consultations, Enquiries and Calls for Evidence are one of the key ways in which the SWC communicates its wealth of evidence directly to policy makers. For this reason, our consultation development is at the heart of what we do, as it's the main way we see women's lived experiences being utilised to create positive change.


Scottish Budget 2020: Priorities for Women's Equality, January 2020


Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee: Call for Views on the Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-Restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Bill, January 2020


Scottish Parliament Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee: Consultation on the Draft Proposal to amend the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Act 2002, January 2020


The Scottish Government: “Social Security Draft Equality Outcomes”, February 2020


The Scottish Government: “Replacement of EU Structural Funds”, February 2020


The Scottish Government: "Housing to 2040: Consultation on Outline Policy Options". February 2020


The Scottish Government: "Consultation on Early Learning and Childcare Statutory Guidance." March 2020


The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee Inquiry: Covid-19, May 2020


The Scottish Government Call for Views: Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, May 2020


The Scottish Government: Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 - Updated Statutory Guidance Consultation, June 2020


The Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee -COVID-19: Economic Impact on Young People, July 2020


Town Centre Action Plan Expert Review Group: Call for Written Evidence, August 2020


The Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee: Covid-19 and Social Security, October 2020


The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee: Incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, October 2020


The Scottish Government: Consultation on a Ministerial Statement for Modifying Local Connection Referrals in Scotland, October 2020


The Social Renewal Advisory Board: “What Needs to Change to Build a Fairer Scotland?”, October 2020


The Ethical Standards Commissioner for Scotland: Prospective Code Revisions. November, 2020.


The Scottish Government "Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030- Draft Public Consultation". November, 2020.


The Scottish Government: Consultation on Free Bus Travel for People Resident in Scotland Aged Under 19. December, 2020


The Scottish Parliament Justice Committee Call for Views: Domestic Abuse (Protection) (Scotland) Bill. December, 2020.


The Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee Private Members Bill “Fair Rents (Scotland)”. December, 2020.