These activities allow the SWC to network with local women and organisations to discuss their priorities.

During preparations for the events, the SWC contacts local voluntary, public and private sectors organisations to highlight the work being undertaken. Networks are developed over a period of time and these are used to disseminate information to local women.

The local press and information boards are also contacted.

The SWC works to ensure that information about the event as well as the purpose and importance of local women attending is circulated to as wide a local area as possible.

On the day

Local women are invited, in facilitated discussions, to discuss local and national issues which are important to their economic and social wellbeing.

Following each event a report is produced, detailing the discussions and using the voices of the women who attended to enhance the information (no name is attributed to any quote used).

This document is sent to politicians as well as those with responsibility for the key policy areas discussed. Copies are also sent to those who attended the event. Feedback records the sense of empowerment felt by women and their call for change in local and national decisions which affect women’s daily lives.

The SWC visits areas the length and breadth of Scotland including many rural locations and at least one Scottish island per year.

If you would like us to visit your area please contact the office on 0141 339 4797 or email info@scottishwomensconvention.org.


2019 Roadshows

The SWC has an exciting programme of roadshows lined up for 2019. We will be visiting the following locations:

Shetland: Friday 17th May

North East Scotland: Tuesday 8th - Friday 12th July

Ardrossan: Friday 23rd August

Govan: Wednesday 28th August

Castlemilk - Friday 6th September

Maryhill - Friday 13th September


2018 Roadshows

This year, the SWC has visited four locations in Scotland to gather the views of local women. These events have been fascinating and a number of important issues were raised in each area. There are many common themes throughout the country, as well as issues which are specific to individual regions. You can find out what is important to women in these areas in the reports below.

Kilmarnock - Wednesday 21st November

Paisley - Tuesday 20th November

Dundee - Wednesday 31st October

Stornoway - Friday 27th July

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