Roadshows & Roundtables

These activities allow the SWC to network with local women and organisations to discuss their priorities.

During preparations for the events, the SWC contacts local voluntary, public and private sectors organisations to highlight the work being undertaken. Networks are developed over a period of time and these are used to disseminate information to local women.

The local press and information boards are also contacted.

The SWC works to ensure that information about the event, as well as the purpose and importance of local women attending, is circulated to as wide a local area as possible.

On the Day

Local women are invited, in facilitated discussions, to discuss local and national issues which are important to their economic and social wellbeing.

Following each event a report is produced, detailing the discussions and using the voices of the women who attended to enhance the information (no name is attributed to any quote used).

This document is sent to politicians as well as those with responsibility for the key policy areas discussed. Copies are also sent to those who attended the event. Feedback records the sense of empowerment felt by women and their call for change in local and national decisions which affect women’s daily lives.

The SWC visits areas the length and breadth of Scotland including many rural locations and at least one Scottish island per year.

Call for Input

If you would like our team to visit your area and host a Roadshow, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

You can contact the office on 0141 339 4797 or email us at info@scottishwomensconvention.org.

2023 Roadshows & Roundtables

Pension Review Report - August 2023

To understand how women felt about the changes to pension ages, we organised an online roundtable in August 2023. This event was attended by a range of women with a wealth of experience surrounding the UK social security system. Multiple key topics were highlighted, as shown below, alongside potential solutions.

You can access the report here.

A Blether on... Breastfeeding - August 2023

World Breastfeeding Week is held between the 1st and 7th of August each year, with the aim of highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding, as well as the structural inequalities which make breastfeeding difficult for women across the world. In order to understand whether these inequalities impacted the women of Scotland, we held an online discussion on the 1st of August, with multiple themes arising: a lack of information and support, employment, sexualisation and poverty. The following report contains a summary of each theme, alongside multiple recommendations which focus on the ways policymakers can better support new mothers.

You can access the report here.

Campbeltown Roadshow - July 2023

From the 3rd to the 7th of July 2023 the SWC team travelled to Campbeltown, meeting women from the town and the wider Kintyre region. The purpose of our visit was to understand the issues that these women face, with key themes arising throughout our conversations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the women who joined us in Campbeltown to give their lived experience. Our work would be impossible without the continued support of women, and we are forever impressed by the strong roles women carry out across rural communities in Scotland

You can access the report here.

A Blether on ... Widowhood - June 2023

To mark International Widows Day 2023, we invited women to an online discussion to share their experiences of widowhood, and how widows can be better supported by the Scottish and UK Governments. International Widows Day was originally established to highlight the poverty and discrimination that widows face across the world, and through our discussions we can confirm that widows do experience intersecting levels of disadvantage as a result of personal tragedy.

You can access the report here.

2022 Roadshows & Roundtables

Caithness & Sutherland Online Roadshow - December 2022

On the 6th of December 2022 we, at the SWC, carried out an online roadshow with the women of Caithness and the surrounding area, to discuss pertinent issues. The women we spoke with stated, that their key concern was the poor healthcare provision they were receiving, which had been initiated by the rise in centralisation seen across rural areas in Scotland.

You can access the report here.

A Blether on ... Menopause - October 2022

The 18th of October 2022 was International Menopause Awareness Day, and as such we elected to host an informal discussion with women about their experiences of the menopause. Women were given the opportunity to engage in an open discussion about issues that surround menopause, including medical treatment and social attitudes.

You can access the report here.

Isle of Barra - August

From 27th August 2022 to 2nd September 2022 we, at the SWC, carried out a roadshow on the islands of Barra to find out what issues were important to local women. It was quickly apparent to us that the women on the island were incredibly resilient and community focused – yet had to deal with some monumental challenges, made significantly worse by poor service-provision. They highlighted that there are major issues with health and social care, as well as poor communication from the local council and increasing worry around the rising cost of living.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the women of Barra who came and spoke to us, as well as the employees of the Bùth Bharraigh and the Gàradh a’ Bhàgh a’ Tuath. You made our trip truly special, and it was wonderful to see such strong women of all ages holding up a community.

You can access the report here.

VAWG Project

The Scottish Women’s Convention commissioned a project in February 2022 to better understand women’s lived experiences of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in this context. This consisted of in-person and online roundtable events in Coatbridge, Ayr and East Kilbride along with a online survey, and a conference to encourage a broad range of women to be able to participate. The women who contributed represented a range of services supporting women and girls, as well as many survivors themselves.

It is hoped that the findings of this project can be used to inform decision-making at all levels of government to move us closer to a society that is truly safe for women and girls. Thanks to all those that contributed and attend these events.

You can access our VAWG Roundtable and Survey Report here.

You can view our VAWG Survey Demographics here.

To read more about our Conference and view the report click here.

You can access our Single Sex Space Report here.

2020 Roadshows

The current circumstances during the Coronavirus pandemic have turned our lives upside down. We recognise that each woman will have a unique experience of this time, due to where you live, your type of job, your health, the relationships you have, your family circumstances, and so much more. It is our top priority, here at The SWC, to continue to engage with women across the country, listening to your issues and concerns, and working with decision makers to ensure you are heard.

With all of this in mind, The SWC were delighted to be back on the road again...from the safety of our own homes!

Our Spring Calendar of Digital Roadshows took us to locations across Scotland via video conference calls. Women told us about the initial crisis response in their local community, highlighting strong areas of support as well as groups of women who are possibly 'falling through the cracks.' We then discussed the way forward into our 'new normal', developing an understanding of changes women want to see and their areas of concern.

Many women who could not manage the Zoom meetings have also contributed in writing, which has been incorporated into the reports.

Thank you to all who took part in this series of work! You can read each area's Report as they are published, by clicking the links below.

Edinburgh & Lothians - Tuesday, 5th May

Ayrshire & Arran - Thursday, 7th May

Inverness - Tuesday, 12th May

The Northern Isles - Thursday, 14th May

Dundee & Angus - Tuesday, 19th May

Inverclyde - Thursday, 21st May

Glasgow - Tuesday, 26th May

The Highlands & Western Isles - Thursday 28th May

2019 Roadshows

In 2019, our work took us to even more communities of women throughout Scotland, from some of our most Northern points to rural coastal towns. These events showed how important it is for us to engage with a diverse selection of areas, as women in each place would provide unique and insightful views and opinions that represent their experiences in that location.

You can read more about each by clicking the links below;

Shetland - Friday 17th May

North East Scotland - Tuesday 8th to Friday 12th July

Ardrossan - Friday 23rd August

Govan - Wednesday 28th August

Castlemilk - Friday 6th September

Maryhill - Friday 13th September

2018 Roadshows

In 2018, the SWC visited four locations in Scotland to gather the views of local women. These events were fascinating and a number of important issues were raised in each meeting. There are many common themes throughout the country, as well as issues which are specific to individual regions.

You can find out what is important to women in these areas in the reports below;

Kilmarnock - Wednesday 21st November

Paisley - Tuesday 20th November

Dundee - Wednesday 31st October

Stornoway - Friday 27th July

2017 Roadshows

In 2017, we engaged with many women in areas from Greenock to Govan, and beyond. We heard about issues around pension inequalities, local health services, childcare, transport and more. We were proud to visit the Youth Action Project in Livingston, where we discussed experiences with social media, education and political representation.

Read further in the reports below;

Bellshill - Thursday 9th February

Greenock - Friday 17th February

Bathgate - Friday 26th May

Livingston - Thursday 27th July

Govan - Saturday 16th September


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