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Evelyn Fraser

evelyn pictureEvelyn is the Development Manager of the Scottish Women’s Convention.

Evelyn has previously worked as a paralegal, supporting women clients with equal pay claims against employers; a careers advisor, assisting long term unemployed women to enter employment; helpline advisor, assisting individuals with discrimination queries in the workplace; development manager, highlighting the gender pay gap in Scotland.

Prior to working in the voluntary sector, Evelyn was employed as a management accountant in the private sector.



Shairi Bowes


Shairi Bowes

Shairi is Policy and Research Officer at the Scottish Women's Convention.

Shairi graduated from the University of Glasgow holding both an Honours and Master of Letters in History and Politics, specialising in the history of the LGBT movement in both Britain and North America. As a student, she campaigned for fairer access to higher education for children from under-privileged backgrounds.