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These activities tend to focus on a particular policy area – employment, health, education etc. Speakers are invited to address the audience with women being given an opportunity to ask questions and speak about their own experiences of the subject being discussed.

Following each discussion a report is produced. This document, which uses direct quotes from the women attending, is sent to politicians as well as those with responsibility for the key policy areas discussed. Copies are also sent to those who attended the event. Feedback records the sense of empowerment felt by women and their call for change in local and national decisions which affect women’s daily lives.

Women's Experiences of Menopause

The SWC, in our thematic body of work on health last summer, uncovered a wealth of evidence from women like relating to the menopause. As a result, we created a survey to further explore the issues raised, so that we can have as broad an understanding of women's experiences as possible.

The results from the survey can be accessed here. We would like to thank all of the women who took the time to share their story with us.

The organisation held a conference on Saturday 2nd February, where attendees heard from women with direct experience of menopause and how this has impacted on their personal and working lives. Discussions allowed women to share experiences, as well as discuss priorities around what needs to be done for women to bring about meaningful change and equality.

The report from this event is now available.


Housing and Homelessness

The SWC is currently undertaking a programme of work on issues around housing and homelessness from Autumn 2018.

A conference was held in October to launch this work. Attendees heard from a range of speakers, with experience of issues around housing and homelessness for women. They were also given the opportunity to participate in a Question and Answer session.

The report from this event is now available.

In addition, the SWC held a further follow up event in July, 2019, to complement the work undertaken around women's issues with housing and homelessness.

The report from this event is now available.

We will be holding roundtables with women throughout the country in order to ascertain their views, experiences and ideas for change on a range of topics relevant to housing and homelessness. If you are interested in bringing a group of women to the SWC to discuss these issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email info@scottishwomensconvention.org or call 0141 339 4797.

Roundtable Reports on Women's Homelessness:

Women Asylum Seeker Housing Project - December 2018

Simon Community Scotland - December 2018

Community Links Govan - March 2019

Shakti Women's Aid - May 2019

Women's Health in Scotland

During 2018 the SWC undertook a programme of work to compile a comprehensive overview of women’s health in Scotland, including a range of issues such as breast screening, cancer detection, treatment and support; cervical screening, cancer detection, treatment and support; transvaginal mesh implants, thyroid problems and mental health, as well as any other pressing areas of concern raised by women.

Online Survey - An online survey gathered as much information from women of various backgrounds, ages and from diverse geographical areas in order to inform our work.

Roundtables - Roundtable discussions on the key women’s health themes outlined above allowed us to further explore the issues around women's health.

Health Conference - A conference was held at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Byres Road, on Saturday 21st July, which also provided the opportunity for further discussions around key topics. A report from the event has been published and the SWC would encourage women to use the information contained within this document to press for the changes that you want to see – sharing our findings with friends, family and your communities.

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Sexual Harassment Conference Report

The Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) held an event at the Hilton Grosvenor on Saturday, 20th January focussing specifically on the subject of sexual harassment. Whilst the SWC has continuously heard from women across Scotland upon this subject, given the unfaltering flow of allegations that have come to light from across the globe, the need for an event of this nature was apparent.

In holding this conference, the SWC wanted to identify key priorities for change directly from grassroots women who have knowledge and experience of the issue. As well as this, bringing together women from many different backgrounds to share stories and engage collectively is extremely important in conquering this endemic which has gone unchallenged within society for far too long.

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