Archive 2016


Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy

Social Security Consultation Response

Response to Mental Health Framework

EER Committee – Call for Evidence - Scotland’s Relationship with the EU

Scottish Social Housing Charter

Low Pay Commission Response

ELC Expansion Delivery Response

A Criminal Offence of Domestic Abuse

Scotland's Health Conversation

Response to Equality Statement of Draft Scottish Budget

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Inquiry (UK)

Gender Stereotyping in Adverts

Women and Equality Committee - Brexit (UK)


2016 Roadshows

Stornoway - 23 August

Dingwall - 26 July

Ballater - 28 July



Scottish Parliament Election - Hustings - 6 February

Scottish Parliament Election - Hustings - 9 April

EU Referendum Debate - 28 May

VAWG Booklet

Women for Sale? - 3 September

Social Security Report - 29 October


Briefing Papers

Employability Support/Fairer Scotland - January

Fairer Scotland - March

A New Future For Social Security in Scotland - March

Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Bill - April

Carers Allowance - June

Universal Credit - June


State Opening of Parliament - Saturday 2 July 2016

The SWC was privileged to be invited by the Scottish Parliament to take part in the ‘Ridings’ parade as part of the State Opening of Parliament. This event only takes place every 5 years and formally marks the beginning of the session of Parliament following the election in May.

Staff, Board members, volunteers and supporters of the organisation descended on Edinburgh for this memorable event. We were dressed as suffragettes!! It rained a little but the sun shone while we walked down the Royal Mile. Have a look at our fantastic costumes!