The SWC staff standing together.

Susan McKellar, Manager

As Manager, Susan’s key role at the SWC is that of an ambassador, promoting the important work carried out by the organisation on behalf of women in Scotland. She does this through direct engagement with key stakeholders, such as politicians, public sector officials and civil society. When in the office, Susan works with the SWC team, assisting in the coordination of events and providing invaluable support.

Outside of work, Susan can be found socialising with friends and family. She also enjoys climbing Munros across Scotland or any other adrenaline filled activity.

Jenna McGhie, Events and Policy Advisor

The majority of Jenna’s time consists of organising events for the SWC. This includes liaising with other organisations and third party suppliers, to ensure that attendees of SWC events have an enjoyable time. Jenna is also responsible for the social media output for the SWC, promoting events and publications. Having a keen eye for design, she focuses on the look and feel of SWC reports, working to embed accessibility and functionality into any publications.

When she isn’t working, Jenna has a love of being outdoors and travel. These interests allow her to carry out a range of hobbies including hillwalking and photography.

Eilidh Young, Policy and Events Advisor

As ‘Policy and Events Advisor’ for the SWC, Eilidh is responsible for compiling reports and publications. She utilises the skills gained at university to organise the views given by women at SWC events into reports and consultations, with which women can use in their fight for equality.

Unlike her co-workers, Eilidh prefers to stay indoors, spending her time reading, particularly feminist non-fiction, or watching film and TV.