Who we are


The Scottish Women's Convention (SWC) was set up by the Scottish Executive in 2003 in recognition of the need to ensure women's voices reached policy makers.

Over the past 13 years, the SWC has worked to ensure that women throughout Scotland have an opportunity to be involved in activities and events. Using their voices ensures that the true grassroots impacts of public policy are reported.

The Referendum debate allowed women the opportunity to engage in something which was so important to Scotland’s future. They recognised that they were speaking, not only for themselves, but also their families and communities.

The impact of these discussions should not be underestimated. The SWC has seen an increase in the number of women attending events and a confidence in women talking about key policy areas.


The SWC is funded by the Scottish Government to communicate and consult with women in Scotland to influence public policy.


The SWC works to ensure that women in Scotland can influence the strategies and policies which affect them.

Through local roadshows, conferences, informal networking, celebratory events and online surveys, the SWC aims to contact women and relevant organisations from throughout Scotland to ensure their voices are heard.


The SWC provides an effective way of consulting with a diverse range of women. Activities ensure that communities throughout Scotland engage with the SWC. Urban and rural areas are visited, as well as the Scottish islands.

It is estimated that a network of well over 300,000 women engage with the organisation including women in business, churches, trades unions and voluntary organisations.