The SWC provides the key points on major legislation and women's views on policy in easy to read documents.

SWC Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament Elections 2021: What Women Want

The SWC has undertaken a series of work regarding women's lived experiences over the past year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. This document reflects much of what women across Scotland feel is needed going forward for equality.

Read the Manifesto here.

Women and Brexit Report

The Scottish Women's Convention (SWC) undertook evidence gathering with women to capture their views on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. It is imperative that women’s voices and real lived experiences feed into the policy making around this important area.

Read our report highlighting women's views on EU Withdrawal here.

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a payment from the Government to cover basic income needs. It is paid to all citizens regardless of status or wealth. The introduction of UBI in Scotland needs to be discussed. The SWC undertook evidence gathering from women across Scotland to capture their views on UBI. For many, the introduction of such a benefit is seen as a way of shielding them from poverty and inequality.

Read our report highlighting what women are saying about Universal Basic Income in Scotland.


Programme For Government 2020/2021

The Programme For Government was announced by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, on Tuesday 1st September. This sets out the actions the Scottish Government will take in the coming year and beyond.

From the PfG, we have established Snapshots For Women, highlighting key areas that are important to those we work with and for. Check out these new reports below, in PDF format.

Children & Education


Housing & Homelessness

Justice & Communities

We’ve also put together a brochure which highlights some of the key points in the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government and how women have shaped this policy. You can check out our "Women's Voices Represented: Programme for Government" here:

Click here for the PDF format

Click here for the Digital Reader format