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Women on Boards July 2014

Scottish Government Violence Against Women Strategy February 2014

Referendum Events

The SWC held a number of events throughout Scotland during the Referendum campaign. By bringing Better Together and YES Scotland together in the one room, women were able to ask questions is a safe, secure and supportive environment which gave them the information to make an informed decision on Scotland’s future.

Click on the links below to access reports from each of the events.

16 August – Orkney.

9 August – Glasgow (young women).

2 August – Inverclyde.

18 July – Inverness.

31 May – Aberdeen.

2 May – Livingston.

21 April – Dundee.

25 January – Glasgow.

Annual Report

Annual Report 2014

Briefing Papers

CSW57 Agreed Conclusions (April 2014).

Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee (July 2014)

Independence Referendum (August 2014)

Outcomes (Scotland)

January 2014

Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Bill

February 2014

Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill

June 2014

Equally Safe - Scotland's Strategy for Preventing and Eradicating Violence against

Women and Girls

Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce

August 2014

Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy

September 2014

Forced Marriage Legislation

Outcomes (UK)

July 2014

EHRC – Modern Apprenticeships – Equality and the Economy: Spreading the Benefits